The Lancang-Mekong Cooperation: Unable of Resolving Hydropower Develop ...

Image Caption: The Mekong River is the subject of an escalating conflict over the development of hydropower infrastructure, and the dispute is marked by an intense power imbalance in China’s favor. Running through China (the People’s […]

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The Yasukuni Issue’s Disappearance from the East Asian Mass Media

Image Caption: The Yasukuni Shrine, originally erected to honor those who have fought for Japan, has been the center of a controversy with other East Asian countries, chiefly China, in regards to war crimes and other […]

The Legal and Practical Appropriateness of Economic Sanctions

Image Caption: Imposing economic sanctions as a way of solving international issues has long been one of the UN Security Council’s chief powers. Some have questioned, however, the legality of sanctions, and whether the international community […]

Juncker vs Tusk: European Titans

Image Caption: Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, and Donald Tusk, President of the European Council shake hands. The two men at the head of European leadership have espoused two different visions for the future […]

The Complexity of Slums: Mapping, Planning, Drafting Laws, Destroying ...

Image Caption: The slums of Caracas, Venezuela demonstrate some of the difficulties in defining the concept of a ‘slum’ and how researchers struggle to measure their effects. Living in a big city may have its downsides, […]

Qawwali as Media from its Traditional to its Modern Form

Image Caption: Qawwali musicians gather for a performance in Fatehpur Sikri, India. Religious injunctions in regards to music in Islam are teleological, or purpose-based serve rather than being rule-based. While some have been led to believe […]

Integration in South America: A Brief Analysis of the MERCOSUR Case in ...

Image Caption: Some political scientists have judged MERCOSUR’s progress on integration against the benchmark set by the EU, but such a comparison may result in a misunderstanding of the organization. Political integration can be defined as […]

Saudi Arabia and Oil Depletion

Image Caption: As Saudi Arabia’s production and export of oil slows down, the nation will have to undergo a number of significant changes as it adjusts. Saudi Arabia is the main global exporter of crude oil, […]

Caught between Baghdad and Erbil: The Political Struggle of Iraqi Turk ...

Image Caption: A man in traditional Turkman clothing sits in Altun Kupri, a town near Kirkuk, Iraq. In the summer of 2014, Arshad al-Salihi, head of the Iraqi Turkman Front, urged the Turkman community of Iraq […]

The Future of Unipolarity

After the bipolar world order ended with the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, what was left, some argued, was a new power distribution within the international system: unipolarity. Accompanying the new era of unipolarity were questions of its […]

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