North Korean Nuclear Proliferation: Causes and Responses

North Korean Unha-3 rocket at launch pad. North Korea’s nuclear proliferation has long been a significant worry in world politics and for North Korea’s neighbors. Since 2002, North Korea has renewed its interests in nuclear activities, […]

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Hafez Assad: National Hero or a Tragic Alternative?

“Most Syrians, especially the generation that never knew any other ruler, came to see no alternative” were Hunnebusch’s words when writing about Hafez Al-Assad’s personality cult. The definition of a national hero is relative, and due […]

A Question of Necessity? Need for Clarity on Torture in Israeli Law

Palestinian children march outside the Red Cross Headquarters in Gaza on Palestinian Prisoners Day (Reuters) 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, a deeply impactful conflict with ramifications still felt today. While the most […]

A People in Suffering: A Look at the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Yemeni children wander through the rubble after a coalition air raid. (AP) Yemen has for long been the poorest country of the Middle East. For decades, the people have suffered from a lagging economy and an […]

A Short Examination of the Causes of the 1992 Algerian Civil War

People try to identify relatives after a massacre at Rais in the Sidi Moussa region of Algeria on Aug. 29, 1997. (AP) The Algerian civil war, commonly referred to as “the dirty war” (la sale guerre), […]

Understanding US-Pakistan Relations: Interview with Ambassador Husain ...

Husain Haqqani is former Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States (2008–2011). He is currently Senior Fellow and Director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute and co-edits the journal ‘Current Trends in Islamist Ideology’ […]

The Myth of Microfinance

The myth of microfinance is powerful. The idea that providing small loans to people in poverty will alleviate their conditions both satisfies our longing to be more altruistic and appeals directly to our belief in “old-fashioned […]

Constructing a Bogeyman: Osama bin Laden as a Totem for Global Muslim ...

Since 9/11, the War on Terror has created no greater cult of personality than that surrounding Osama bin Laden. The late Saudi has become part political icon, part terrorist extraordinaire, and part myth in the folkloric […]

Dehumanization: How the Most Needy Bear the Ignorance of the Powerful ...

This comment is a continuation of the YIRA Winter 2016 International Trip Group’s Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, Turkey Trip Summary. “The terrorists, they took her… my wife, the love of my life. You know, she’s a simple […]

What the Ocean Swallowed

This comment is a continuation of the YIRA Winter 2016 International Trip Group’s Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, Turkey Trip Summary. The ocean has always been one of my biggest fears. Its depth unfathomable, its breadth unparalleled, with […]

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