Hybrid War: A Definition and Call for Action

If one were to divide violent conflict into two broad categories, on one side would lie traditional, so-called “conventional” warfare, and on the other, asymmetric or “unconventional” warfare. “Conventional” battles are fought between professional armies and […]

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An Antagonized Russia

The Russian navy (from left) corvette Steregushchy, destroyer Nastoichivy and frigate Admiral Gorshkov are anchored in a bay of the base in Baltiysk in Kaliningrad region, July 19, 2015. Photo: Reuters/Maxim Shemetov Dissolution and Distrust The […]

Peace for a Time: Neville Chamberlain’s Negotiation of the Munich Ag ...

The Munich Agreement of September 30, 1938, is widely perceived today as a terrible mistake made by a weak leader. The standard narrative is that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, blinded by his own idealism, fed Czechoslovakia’s […]

France’s Misguided Approach to Fake News

French president Emmanuel Macron held a press conference on January 3, 2018 in which he announced “a change to [France’s] legal arsenal to protect democratic life from fake news.”[1] According to the statement, news content produced […]

HIV-Positive Gay Community in Hong Kong: Sexual and Health Stigmatizat ...

HIV/AIDS first appeared in The New York Times in 1982, originally referred to as Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID). [i] Although GRID was later renamed to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) as an attempt to clarify that HIV was not, in fact, “a gay […]

Potential Peacemaker or Just Another Spectator?: China’s Relations w ...

Participants of the Belt and Road Forum. Introduction   Many experts have recently taken a keener eye to the activities of China in the Middle East, especially following heightened Chinese involvement there following recent international developments […]

Coverage and Reach, Affordability and Capacity? Gauging the Feasibilit ...

Abstract With cash transfer programmes, food subsidies, and other social protections, Mozambique’s welfare state addresses several critical areas of extreme poverty or vulnerability. Yet, the government, under Frelimo leadership, has been unable to extend coverage to […]

Cyber-defense Strategies for Contending with Non-state Actors: A Revie ...

Uniformed and civilian cyber and military intelligence specialists monitor Army networks in the Cyber Mission Unit’s Cyber Operations Center.  # Introduction With the development of cyberspace and the Internet beginning in the 1980s and 1990s, new potential […]

North Korean Nuclear Proliferation: Causes and Responses

North Korean Unha-3 rocket at launch pad. North Korea’s nuclear proliferation has long been a significant worry in world politics and for North Korea’s neighbors. Since 2002, North Korea has renewed its interests in nuclear activities, […]

Hafez Assad: National Hero or a Tragic Alternative?

“Most Syrians, especially the generation that never knew any other ruler, came to see no alternative” were Hunnebusch’s words when writing about Hafez Al-Assad’s personality cult. The definition of a national hero is relative, and due […]

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