The Association of Southeast Nations and Efforts to Address Mass Atroc ...

Written by Nicolas Wicaksono In discourses about human rights and preventing mass atrocities, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is infamous for its adherence to a norm of non-interference in the domestic affairs of member […]

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The Special Permanent Residents in Japan: Zainichi Korean

Written by Jang Hawon, Peking University Introduction As the number of foreign residents in Japan continues to grow, scholars of Japanese society are devoting increasing attention to the ways in which foreign communities interact with the […]

Helms-Burton Act of 1996: A Case Study in Unprincipled, Opportunistic ...

Written By Kiran Chokshi Economic sanctions are a common tactic used by the United States government when dealing with hostile countries. Often, those sanctions are imposed along with a UN resolution or other countries. But in […]

Axis of Convenience: Limitations to Russia-Iran Cooperation

Written by Taehwa Hong Introduction Russia’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War in support of the Assad regime in 2015 marked the first Russian military action in the Middle East since the invasion of Afghanistan[1] in […]

Is the World Ready for China’s Gene-edited Babies?

Written by Thais Aguiar Introduction In the same year the Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrated its 70th birthday, an announcement shocked the scientific community worldwide: at a conference in November 2018, a Chinese researcher named […]

Understanding Taiwan’s 2018 Mid-Term Elections: What We Learn from D ...

Written by Michael Xizhuang Zhou In early November, many had anticipated a “blue wave” during the U.S. mid-terms and expected the Democrats to take back the Congress. The wave did come, but in a far less […]

An analysis of the 2018 Italian general election

Written by Ariana Habibi Held on March 4 in response to President Sergio Mattarella’s decision to dissolve the Italian parliament, the 2018 Italian general election was an outright retaliation against the establishment. The election was demonstrative […]

Violence and fraud set to delay Afghan presidential elections

Written by Will Waddingham Afghan officials announced on December 26th that the presidential election scheduled for April 2019 will likely be delayed as violence with the Taliban continues to plague the country.[1] This violence, along with […]

Netanyahu calls for snap elections

Written by Numi Katz Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  announced on December 24 that Israel would hold early elections on April 9th, 2019. The announcement came after Netanyahu convened his coalition’s leaders in an emergency meeting […]

Sunda Strait tsunami calls into question warning mechanisms

Written by Putt Punyagupta On December 22, a tumultuous series of waves pummelled coastal settlements on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, killing nearly 300 and injury upwards of 1,000. It was spurred by the […]

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