The Italian Budget: A European Economic Crisis?

Written by Jake Kochanowsky (Wesleyan University) While all eyes are fixated on the chaotic Brexit negotiations, another major political story is unfolding in Italy. After emerging victorious from a contentious parliamentary election earlier this year, the […]

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On the Fate of Intervention: Forgotten Lessons from Two UN Peacekeepin ...

Written by Tyler Jager As the Cold War came to a close in the 1990s, global attitudes towards conflict changed. The majority of conflicts during the Cold War were “regional”, involved both intrastate and interstate actors, […]

Fifty Shades of Gray: An Analysis of Modern Conflict

Written by Henry Suckow-Ziemer Less than a week after Indian PM Narendra Modi promised a “jaw-breaking” response to a terror attack that killed 40 paramilitary police, tensions between India and Pakistan rapidly escalated. While events continue […]

If We Want to Fix The American College System, We Need to Change Am ...

Written by Ryan Fuentes In the modern news landscape, making Page One demands increasingly dramatic scandal and higher-stakes tragedy. In this setting, a recent story stands out: the largest college cheating scandal prosecuted by the U.S. […]

Critical Comments Among Chinese Netizens—Before and After the Cyber ...

Written by Zhaoyu Sun Introduction China is well-known for its internet censorship system, through which the government prevents citizens from viewing unfavorable reports of the regime. Under the government of current President Xi Jinping, however, this […]

Failure of Global Governance: The United Nations’ Failure to Stop N ...

Written by Diana Myers “[Nuclear weapons is] the firm guarantee by which our descendants can enjoy the most dignified and happiest life in the world” – Kim Jong Un[1] North Korea has always been at the […]

Renowned Egyptian fine artist passes away at 88

Written by Elisabeth Siegel Egyptian artist Omar el-Nagdi passed away last Friday at the age of 88 after an illustrious career that spanned sixty years total. Born in Cairo in 1931, el-Nagdi received first place in […]

A Personal Reflection on the Recent New Zealand Mosque Shootings

Written by Tasnim Islam Following the recent mosque shooting in New Zealand, many Muslim communities across the globe mourn the death of 50 innocent lives. They weep for their brothers and sisters martyred at the hands […]

The Relevance of Nation-States to the Study of the Middle East

Written by Julie Geng Introduction The concept of the territorial state is not native to the Middle East, and most states have only gained independence in the last century. In addition, Islam and its vision of […]

“Re-Education Camps” for Uyghur Muslims in China

Written by Zhen Tu Xinjiang, a city in northwestern China, is home to a substantial population of Uyghurs―Turkish people of Islamic faith. In September 2017, the Chinese government began establishing “re-education camps,” which sought to severely […]

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