Bogotá, Colombia Trip Summary

Entitled “The Colombian Peace Process: A Human Rights Perspective,” our trip sought to grapple with the peace accords between the Colombian government of Juan Manuel Santos and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) within the […]

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The Short-sightedness of America’s Pivot to Asia

The United States’ China containment policy is a robust one. American troop deployments run the length of the Western Pacific, with soldiers from Paju on the Korean Peninsula to Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. Naval and […]

Letter from the Editors (Vol. 6, Issue 2)

Dear Reader: It is with great pleasure that we present to you the 2015-16 Winter Issue of The Yale Review of International Studies. We’re proud to continue and renew our commitment to providing the best possible […]

Letter from the Editors (Vol. 6, Issue 1)

Dear Reader: In this issue of The Yale Review of International Studies, we’re proud to continue our commitment to providing the best possible platform for outstanding student scholarship on international issues. This is the third year […]

North Korea: The Need For a New US Policy

North Korea is a mistake of history created by outside forces. It has nuclear weapons, improving missiles and the world’s most brutal totalitarian regime. It is a threat to its own people, to its neighbors and […]

Immigrant Family Detention: A Failed Experiment

Immigrant family detention is an ineffective process that further traumatizes children and adults fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries. Not only does family detention further damage the physical and mental health of immigrant families, […]

On Street-Side Sexism: Global Awareness for a Global Problem

Global awareness has recently risen about the street harassment experienced by women worldwide. Though there is little consistency in street climates towards women, gendered harassment exists in cities considered both developed and developing. And while there […]

Cuba as a Humanitarian Model in the 21st Century

A quick Google search of “Cuba Humanitarian Aid” generates countless pages of do-gooders soliciting donations for aid to Cuban citizens. The general perception of United States citizens remains that Cuba is suffering under a harsh dictator […]

A Selective Sanctuary: “Pinkwashing” and Gay Palestinian Asylum-Se ...

Every June, the LGBTQ community celebrates pride month. And every year, Tel-Aviv is marketed as a must-visit gaycation destination. From the rainbow-decorated streets filled with scantily-clad, chiseled men to the seemingly endless beach parties and gay […]

Letter from the Editors (Vol. 5, Issue 1)

Dear Reader: It is with great pleasure that we present you with this fall’s intercollegiate edition of the Yale Review of International Studies. Now in its second year, the intercollegiate issue has officially become an institutionalized […]

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