No Respite – The Euro Crisis and the CFSP

Looking at the European Union from an outside perspective—let’s say from Yale— leads almost inevitably to one question: When will they finally solve their economic crisis? Currently, the world has primarily one interest in the EU, […]

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Letter from the Editors (Vol. 4, Issue 1)

Dear Reader: We’ve been thrilled — though hardly surprised — to see just how broad and deep Yale’s pool of student scholarship in inter- national studies runs. Each issue, we receive more excellent content than we […]

Down with Non-Complicity

There’s a whole range of reasons to be sensibly skeptical of American involvement in the Syrian conflict – our national interest there is poorly defined, we have little notion what any given policy prescription ought to […]

Prosecuting Heads of State: The Legacy of the Charles Taylor Trial

With the Special Court of Sierra Leone (SCSL) requesting time to deliberate both on the prosecution and defense’s appeals earlier this year, the fight to convict Charles Taylor has been postponed. Again. On April 26th 2012, […]

Transforming Education: Massive Online Open Courses

Access to classroom learning is far from universal, and even those enrolled in formal educational institutions may be looking for greater, free, and more convenient learning opportunities. In fact, the most heavily cited reason that students […]

Letter from the Editors (Acheson Prize, Vol. 3, Issue 2)

Dear Reader: We’re immensely proud to present the 20l3 Acheson Prize issue of the Yale Review of International Studies. This issue follows a full year of planning and scheming, and we couldn’t be more pleased with […]

Seeing What We Want, When and Where We Want It

Lakhdar Brahimi’s credentials are impeccable, fruit of the Algerian statesman’s long career, and he’s as able a candidate as any to serve as United Nations special envoy to Syria as the nation’s increasingly bloody civil war […]

Putin and USAID: The Makings of a Grip Too Tight on Power

In September 2012, the Russian government, headed by President Vladimir Putin, mandated that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) cease operations, as their services were no longer needed. USAID began working in Russia in 1992 […]

Letter from the Editors (Vol. 3, Issue 1)

Dear Reader: Welcome to the fourth issue of the Yale Review of International Studies. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly two years since a small but ambitious core of undergraduates founded a […]

Stories from South Tel Aviv: The Plight of African Asylum Seekers in I ...

In 1948, the newly established Jewish and democratic State of Israel asserted in its Declaration of Independence that “The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles; it […]

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