Developing Socially Conscious Curricula for Somali Schools: Teaching H ...

Written by Noora Reffat INTRODUCTION Since 1983, the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF) has served Somalia by promoting peace, health, and education in Hope Village, a camp for internally-displaced Somalis turned-city, located outside of Mogadishu. The […]

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Reverse Cap-and-Trade for Refugees: A Proposal to Ameliorate the Refug ...

Written by Jordan Farenhem Introduction From 2014 to 2017, over 1.8 million refugees were accepted by member states of the European Union.[1] In 2015 alone, over a million refugees sought asylum and were taken in by […]

Hydropolitics in the Indus Basin: The Indus Water Treaty & Water ...

Written by Uzair Sattar and Atrey Bhargava Introduction Pakistan could be water scarce by 2025.[1] In recent months, this prediction has generated headlines and galvanized the country as a whole. However, this is not new information; […]

Crossing a Bridge of Memory: Historical Memory and Populist Rhetoric i ...

Written by Ben Gardner-Gill “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” — Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting[1] Introduction February 2, 1993 – As Václav Havel crossed the […]

Venezuela and Russia: Geopolitical Allies in the 21st Century

Written by Alexandra O’Brien In recent years, Russian interest in Venezuela has grown considerably, particularly in regard to its natural resources. Given Russia’s historic role in the Cold War and today’s geopolitical balance of power, one […]

Culinary Relations: Gastrodiplomacy in Thailand, South Korea, and Taiw ...

Written by Anna Lipscomb Abstract: Cuisine is an integral part of a nation’s culture and identity, as it captures the essence of its history, traditions, and values. In an era of increasing movement, globalization, and technology, […]

The Efficacy of UN Peacekeeping in Reducing Violence against Civilians

Written by Min Byung Chae Introduction The fall of the Communist bloc in 1991 brought high hopes for the international community. In particular, there arose an “early optimism about the potential of the” United Nations to […]

The Insidious Nature of E-Waste and the Onus on GAFA

Written by Amelia Pollard Abstract This research paper evaluates the externalities that have ensued from the rise in consumption of electronic products. The atrophy of these products in developing countries has led to adverse health effects […]

Remembrance and Reconciliation: Engaging with Contested History

Written by Tyler Jager Introduction and Background Many nation-states are guilty of an “original sin” of a sort: a case in which the state was complicit in, or more commonly, the perpetrator of, a genocide or […]

On the advent and spread of the game Mah-Jong

Written by Sam Pekats Invented mysteriously in mid-19th century China, there is much uncertainty regarding the Mahjong’s origins.[1] For much of Mahjong’s early history, China’s rulers regarded its gambling nature as vulgar and corrupting, so there […]

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