Submission Guidelines

Print Submissions

YRIS seeks interesting, diverse, and compelling scholarship on international questions broadly understood: the relations between countries, trends or challenges of transnational or global scope, and the interaction of people and ideas from different countries.

We only accept undergraduate pieces, and we refer graduate students and others above the undergraduate level to the Yale Journal of International Affairs at We accept papers under 40 pages double-spaced; for longer pieces, we can suggest portions to excerpt. Our journal uses the Chicago manual of style, but we do not require that pieces are Chicago formatted upon submission. Due to the high volume of submissions, one author may only submit one paper per issue. Pieces can be submitted even when we are not officially soliciting, and we will add them to the pool for our upcoming issue. There are no required topics for each issue, though we do seek to have a variety of subjects and regions covered in each issue. All submissions and inquiries should be sent to

Online Submissions

In addition to full-length papers for our print issue, YRIS is currently soliciting comment-length (300-500 words) pieces on current events in international affairs for online publication. These pieces can be analytical, research-based, op-eds, or based on personal experience. We also accept reviews of books or other media relevant to international affairs. If you have a timely, relevant pitch, any inquiries, or interest, email our online managing editor at

Issue-specific Information

Intercollegiate Issue

Official solicitation for next year’s Intercollegiate Issue will begin in May 2018, with a probable deadline of late June or early July. Submissions can be sent at any point during the year. The Intercollegiate Issue is open to submissions from non-Yale undergraduates.

Winter Issue

Official solicitation for our next Winter Issue will begin around November 2017. The Winter Issue is open to Yale undergraduates.

Acheson Issue

Official solicitation for our next Acheson Issue will begin in February of 2018. The Acheson Issue is open to Yale undergraduates.

YRIS is a student publication, and Yale University is not responsible for its content.