The 14th Masthead of the YRIS (2023-2024)


Cormac Thorpe and Sreenivas Kuntamukkala


Managing Desk Editors:
Beckett Elkins, Elizabeth Dejanikus

Assistant Desk Editors: 
Ari Nagle, Megan Wright, Lauren Cho, Isabel Mestey-Colon, Noor Kareem, Vittal Sivakumar, Vidhi Bhartiya

Online Managing Editor:
Elizabeth Dejanikus

Beckett Elkins

Head Design Editor: 
Jeremy Williams


Outreach and Marketing Director: 
Hailey Seo 

International Liaison: 
Ethan Chiu

Interviews and Events Director:
Owen Haywood

Assistant Interviews and Events Director: 
Abla Abdulkadir

Social Chair: 
Luis Tomas Orozco

To contact the board, please email us at yris@yira.org

Past YRIS Editorial Boards

YRIS 13th Masthead (2022-2023)

Editors-in-Chief: Maya Albold and Faisal Bandar
Managing Desk Editor: Liam Will
Assistant Desk Editor: Lucas Miner
Online Managing Editor: Anjali Mangla
Assistant Online Editors: Yule Zhang, Ethan Chiu, Noor Kareem
Publisher: Adia Keene
Head Design Editors: Kaleb Assefa, Jeremy Williams
Design Contributor: Alex Nelson
Outreach and Marketing Director: Sreenivas Kuntamukkala
Interviews Director: Ilan-Dubler Furman
International Liaison: Cormac Thorpe

YRIS 12th Masthead (2021-2022)

Editors-in-Chief: Vishwa Padigepati and Blake Bridge
Managing Editors: Alizeh Yahya, Maya Albold, Natalie Simpson, Sai Rayala, Cameron Freeman
Head Design Editor: Chanwook Park
Assistant Design Editors: Amanda Lawless, Jeremy Williams
Outreach Director: Faisal Bandar
International Liaison: Liam Will

Academic Advisors

Amanda Behm, Associate Director, International Security Studies, Yale University
Beverly Gage, Professor of History, Yale University
Clare Lockhart, Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs; Director and co-Founder of the Institute for State Effectiveness (ISE)
Dr. Isaiah Wilson III, Senior Lecturer at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs; Colonel, U.S. Army, retired; Director of the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) and USAWC Press at the US Army War College
Julia Adams, Professor of Sociology and International & Area Studies; Head of College, Grace Hopper College; Co-director of YaleCHESS (Center for Historical Enquiry and the Social Sciences)
Ryan Crocker, Kissinger Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute, Yale University