The Study of The Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Context of Turkey

Trip Summary: YIRA Winter 2016 International Trip to Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, Turkey

During our 11-days stay at Turkey, we had the incredible opportunity to meet all those involved in the care of Syrian refugees and of course refugees themselves. One day, we met the head of UN HCR in Turkey, next day we were sharing Ayva Tatlisi (famous Turkish dessert). In this incredible immersive experience, every participant had a chance to observe what is meaningful and essential to the refugee life. We like to extend our gratitude to Ong Kar Jin and the rest of the YIRA board. We would also like to highlight our sponsor Peace Islands Institute ( and its New Haven director, Mehmet Erdogdu. Their aide and guidance helped us to shape incredible trip experience. As one refugee bid us a farewell to us after our conversation; ”Take care for now but keep yours hearts open to never-ending conversations with us!”, we hope to be conscious individuals engaged in the plight of refugees and the solution of the issues to save the human dignity.


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